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James William Phillips

Many people ask James how it all began, well it all began with a chance meeting with a friend, and a luxury blog was created called

James’ profile began to grow, and like a true entrepreneur, he thought, what can he launch next? A print magazine Luxury Life International was born and launched by James in Monte Carlo with a hugely successful VIP party. But wanting more, James has evolved his thought process further, and thought outside of the box, and has launched the JWP Lifestyle Consultancy, a fully rounded brand marketing platform and the James William Phillips Foundation, an over-arching organisation which provides charitable donations through the Charities Aid Foundation to selected charities, with the opportunity to sponsor young entrepreneurs and 1-2-1 coaching and mentoring with James, he has the opportunity to give back through advice, motivational help and tuition to achieve your dream life.

A big part of the JWP Lifestyle Members Club is that all the brands old and new that James has developed relationships with will be able to offer exclusive, year-round rewards, benefits and discounts to members plus many other exciting offers through the club, including a year book magazine.

At the core is the JWP Consultancy, a full service marketing and PR agency, based in London, Essex and Monaco offering everything from corporate video and short movie production, James as your ambassador, PR, SEO, web design, copywriting, social media campaigns to advertising design, this really is a fully rounded virtuous circle proving real value for everyone while giving back to great causes.

Let’s all look forward to the future!