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Latest Movies & Adventures

Exciting Partnership with Lajabu Seven’s ChildFund Project

Being a luxury brand comes with a lot of responsibility. Amongst key responsibilities such as creating sustainable manufacturing and creating great labor conditions for example. One of the most important responsibilities for one of our...

January 2019

Donate to a Charity of Your Choice by Investing in Art

October 2018 We are currently supporting the ART of Italian artist and sculptor, Cesare Catania with unique sponsorship opportunities to buy into his art and an exclusive cocktail event in early December in Monte Carlo. 20% of your...

October 2018

AMBER LOUNGE ABU DHABI 2018 – Celebrating 10 Years

Plunge deep into the heart of Formula 1 and discover Amber Lounge, where a world of glamour and luxury awaits. Made in Monaco, for over 15 years Amber Lounge has affirmed its infamous reputation as the most vibrant, sexy,...

October 2018

Cesare Catania Cocktail and Vernissage Monte Carlo

Cocktail and Vernissage for his Solo Exhibition ” THE ART OF INFORMAL “ 27th of September 2018 – 15th of January 2019 Vernissage: Thursday 27th of September 2018 – 5pm Le Meridien Beach Plaza Hotel Monaco Montecarlo Cesare Catania was...

October 2018

Isabell Kristensen Fashion Show

Photography and Video production by Israel Singer and Jay Modi ‘The Driven’ As the thousands of lights from late night office workers lit up the streets of London, the Mercedes drew up to collect James to take him to the…...

July 2018

Monaco Formula 1 Fashion show Amber Lounge

Photography and video production by Tim Schroren The flash bulbs flashed, the supercars drew up, celebrities stepped out onto the red carpet and the crowds were expectant. The sun was shining in the warm Monte Carlo spring sun – and…...

July 2018

A Movie with Ambition Anastasiya Lvova

A short movie shot on location in Monte Carlo. James Receives an urgent phone call to deliver a precious cargo, diamond encrusted Anastasiya Lvova Cosmetics in Murano glass to the beautiful Anastasiya while she expectantly waits to...

July 2018

Shooting a movie with ambition

By JWP lifestyle editorial team Photography Israel Singer and Jay Modi from The Driven Direction by Louise Prieto on location in Monaco As the sun rose above the mountains behind Monte Carlo, she looked to the early morning horizon...

July 2018

Isabell Kristensen Fashion Show at BAFTA

I visit the exclusive VIP new season launch of the fabulous Isabell Kristensen’s new collection for 2018 at BAFTA Piccadilly in the heart of London. I arrive in a new Mercedes to join the show after a fast dash across…...

July 2018